A cornucopia of cultural enjoyment creates an exciting atmosphere in Ribe.

During the summer, the streets and valleys buzz with festival activity, plenty of music and other exiting cultural events. The rest of the year is just as eventful. See more here, what happens during the year here.

International Viking Market

Denmark’s largest and most authentic Viking Market

Ribe Viking Centre provides the framework for a six-day international Viking market, the largest and most popular in Denmark. Hundreds of Vikings from Scandinavia and Europe flock to Ribe, and it is the absolute finest artisans who sell everything a Viking heart desires.
The market atmosphere is splendid with horse neighing, blacksmith blows, music, warrior fighting, archery, Viking food and trading at the many stalls.

You can be a Viking for a day, and participate in many of the scheduled events.

Exotic wares and foreign tongues from the time 1,000 years ago you can experience at Ribe Viking Centre, which is visited by artisans and merchants from distant places. One can see how the cattle trade took place in Viking times, and then there’s the story of Ribe Vikings dramatic struggle for control of the thriving marketplace. This play involves a big, tough warrior squad, and the audience will witness a battle without equal.

Harvest and Artisan Market

Every year the first weekend in October there is a Harvest Market in Ribe, which is inspired by Ribe’s history as a major market town. Already in the year 800 merchants came from all over Europe.

The shops in Ribe create a cosy atmosphere by exhibiting their products on straw bales and other objects from the past. There will be good deals to be made throughout the city on all sorts of products.Besides the many bargains you can also try Waterballz at “Skibbroen” Market In “Toldboden”, Apple Market, Exhibit of agricultural machinery, Bicycle Ringridning, music and entertainer. The shops are open Saturday 10:00 to 16:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 15:00.

In the Artisan Market there are professional artists from across the country and quality are paramount.

The Artisan Market is held in Sct. Catharinæ monastery, The Old City Hall and by the Cathedral.  It is open both days from 10:00 to 16:00.

The Harvest and Artisan market is in rapid development and is visited every year by more and more locals and tourists.

Ribe Jazz Festival

We open the doors to Ribe Jazz Festival again – in the oldest city in Denmark.

The quaint cobbled streets will resound with gentle, soulful, scintillating, fiery jazz tunes being played, jammed and trumpeted from the numerous evocative places and venues.

They have assembled a beautiful bouquet of jazz’s many different styles and expressions, so there is something for everyone.

Here quality is paramount. Great musicians from the domestic jazz scene meet and interact crisscrossing in different constellations and contexts. All spiced with guest performances by exciting foreign names.

Experience three days of festival in the very special atmosphere and framework Ribe offers. Listen, go on a musical cruise and discover, let yourself be intoxicated, seduced – and perhaps even challenged.

Wadden Sea Festival – Vadehavsfestival

The festival is held in the Wadden Sea area – from Varde in the north to Tønder in the south and funded by the Culture Region Wadden Sea, Ministry of Culture, foundations and sponsors. The festival takes place every second year.

The primary focal point of the festival is the innovative contemporary art, which in interaction with the nature and cultural history of the Wadden Sea areas interprets the unique values of the area. Inspired by national and international participants, the festival has an important role as a “scene” and shows the most talented local cultural forces.

Tulip Festival

Every year in May, Ribe has a town festival called Tulip Festival. The main attraction is the Tulip parade through the streets of Ribe, where various local groups participates with a tulip decorated float. Tulip Festival also offers a Tivoli, a flea market and several party tent with concerts.

Tulip Festival in Ribe takes place this year from 11 – 14th of may 2017.

You will find a good atmosphere, lots of good music in the streets, a small travelling amusement park and a large beer tent.

The parade is on Sunday 14/5 2017

Wadden Sea Lamb Festival

Experts have said that the Wadden Sea lamb is some of the best lamb in the world, so therefore we celebrate the lambs with a festival. The idea group has in this context organized various activities and culinary experiences.

From June 1 to 15 each year The Lamb Festival offers experiences for the whole family. Discover the lamb’s world at tourist attractions and lamb producers, taste exciting dishes with Wadden Sea lamb, and even get lamb and specialties to bring home for enjoyment later.


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