Ribe with a guide

Ribe offers a variety of different tours with a guide. Take a walk with one of Visit Ribes great guides through the streets of Ribe or embrace the scarier side of Ribes history with a Ghost walk from Museet Ribes Vikinger. In July the museum also offers a guided tour of Gallow Hills. Here you can read more about the different tours.

Public town walk in Ribe

Ribe is full of stories, dramatic history and exciting houses. Take a guided tour with one of the experienced guides and hear about it all.  The tour includes a visit to Ribe Cathedral or St. Catharinae Church and Cloister Garden.
On the tour you hear all the good stories about buildings, people, events, legends, etc. These stories make the visit to Ribe a very special experience.

Ghost walk

Drift through the old streets, as the dramatic events of Ribe unfolds before you, with the murder of kings and burning of witches. Learn where Heads Moor got its name, and maybe one of its “residents” will glide by.

A Ghost walk is not the same as a public town walk – it is the exciting and maybe scary stories of Ribe. The stories will be told where the events took place.

Guided walk in Ribe Plantation

The plantation and Gallow hills near Ribe Camping.

In cooperation with Sydvestjyske Museums we are repeating the exciting guided tour of witch burnings, beheadings, storm surge, amusement at the Tyrolerpavillion and much else in the forest and plantation at Ribe Camping.

The tour is offered in July. The tour starts at the reception at Ribe Camping, where also the tickets can be bought.

The tour is conducted in Danish and English.


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