Summer holiday or summer days in Ribe the oldest town of Denmark and with The Wadden Sea National Park right outside the door. Here you will get many unique holiday experiences for the whole family that you will remember for a long time.

Experience Ribe
Denmark’s oldest town Ribe, is also the best-preserved town from the middleages. Here you can hear stories about wikings, witches, queens, seafarers, bishops and other prominent people. Feel the atmosphere in the small cobbled streets, where the half-timbered houses are standing crooked next to each other.
Ribe has a nice long pedestrian street with many interesting specialty shops, restaurants and cafés. Here you’ll find food, atmosphere, shopping etc. for everybody.

In and around Ribe there are many events and activities all year around.

Experience the Nationalpark Wadden Sea
Ribe and Ribe Camping are situated by the Wadden Sea National Park , a Unesco world heritage site. Here you find unique nature experiences either on your own, in the exhibition at the Wadden Sea Centre or on a tour with the best guides from the Wadden Sea Centre. Experience, feel, see, hear and taste the Wadden Sea National Park .



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