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At approved campsites in Denmark you need a campingcard, but why?

The approved campsites in Denmark must comply with the rules of the Danish Camping Board (Campingrådet) and its requirements regarding the card.

The camping card, which you hand over to the site manager on arrival, ensures that all guests are registered. For this reason, guests who hire cabins, caravans or tents must also have a card.

The Danish camping card includes supplementary liability insurance which covers damage or injury to third parties which are not covered by the cardholder’s personal liability insurance or where no insurance is held.

Campsites approved by the Danish Camping Board are inspected without prior notice to ensure that sites continue to comply with their classification as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star campsite.

A camp card cost 110 DKK, but if you are only to spend one night in a Nordic campsite you can by a transit card for 35 DKK.

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