When you stay at Ribe Camping, you can use our outdoor swimming pool for free.

For the small ones there is a children’s pool with a depth of 30 cm where there is a small slide.
For bigger ones there is a pool where the depth varies from 50 cm – 140 cm and with a big slide.

Around the swimmingpool there are tables, benches and sun loungers, which can
be used while the children are having fun in the water.

The pool is heated to approx. 25 degrees.

Guests from outside can buy access to the swimming pool every day of the week.
However, it can not be expected that on all days during the schools’ summer holidays there is access for guests who do not stay at Ribe Camping due to high occupancy on the site.


Morning swimming only for adults 07:30 – 09:00 am
Swimming and fun for everyone 09:00 am – 09:00 pm


There is access to the pool via carousel, where card is used for access.

Day guests can only access the pool during the
receptions opening hours – see them here


Overnight staying guests FREE
Additional price for day guests 25,-
Day ticket 40,-
Family year card 400,-

Children under the age of 12, only accompanied by an adult!

Babies must wear both a bath diaper and tight-fitting swimming trunks to avoid accidents and impurities in the water.