Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you, unexpectedly, do not find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact us.


If you wish to give a gift card to someone you love, you can purchase it online here. You can also contact us at phone number 70 89 65 89 or email info@ribecamping.dk, and we will be happy to assist you.

The gift card is valid for 2 years from the issue date.



  • Camping at 12:00 PM
  • Cabins at 3:00 PM

Please park in the designated parking spaces in front of the gate and then proceed to the reception to check in.


  • Camping at 12:00 PM
  • Cabins at 10:00 AM

All guests check out at the reception and return any gate/shower cards, keys, electric meters, antenna connectors, and power adapters upon departure. Please note that parking in front of the reception building is not allowed to avoid congestion.


If you arrive outside our opening hours, please use our self-service check-in stand located in the reception area. The stand can be used with or without a prior reservation.

Arrival with a pre-booking

Bring the confirmation email containing your customer and booking numbers, both of which are required for self-service check-in.

Arrival without pre-booking

Follow the instructions on the check-in stand. You can visit the site before making a reservation.

Check-in to cabins outside opening hours is only possible with a prior reservation.


Cancellation Protection in Case of Illness

Covers cases of sudden illness or death among one of the travelers and must be medically documented. The insurance costs 4% of the total price for the stay, including all fees and surcharges. An administrative fee of 250 DKK is charged for cancellations.

Cancellation protection is valid until 12:00 PM the day before the booked arrival. Only written cancellations via email are valid.

There is no right of withdrawal on the cancellation protection. If you wish to extend the cancellation protection, you should purchase Full Cancellation Protection.

Full Cancellation Protection

Covers any reason for cancellation and does not require medical documentation. The insurance costs 9% of the total price for the stay, including all fees and surcharges. An administrative fee of 250 DKK is charged for cancellations.

Cancellation protection is valid until 12:00 PM the day before the booked arrival. Only written cancellations via email are valid.

There is no right of withdrawal on the cancellation protection.

Cancellation protection MUST be booked when you book the stay and paid no later than with the first installment. When making a direct reservation via email or phone, you must mention if you wish to purchase insurance.


For online bookings, the full amount is paid immediately.

For camping site bookings via email or phone, 25% is paid no later than 7 days after booking, and the rest upon departure. For holiday cabin bookings, 25% is paid no later than 7 days after booking, and the remaining 75% one month before arrival.

In our confirmation emails, there is a link to pay for the booking online via credit card or MobilePay. Payment information for bank transfers will also be provided.


Any discounts MUST be presented upon arrival. If you arrive outside of opening hours, present it the next morning. Showing a discount card later or after payment does not entitle you to a discount.

For online bookings, the full amount of the reservation is paid. Any discount will be deducted from the reservation upon arrival, when the discount card is shown, and refunded upon departure.


Ribe Camping is part of Camp Now. Camp Now is an association of campgrounds in Denmark that individually and collectively are places for campers who appreciate good quality at reasonable prices. Learn more about Camp Now here.

When staying at Camp Now sites, a discount card is provided upon departure that offers a 50 DKK discount per night for the next reservation at one of the Camp Now sites. The discount card is only valid with an attached receipt and if the reservation is made in the same name. The discount card must be handed in at reception upon arrival.


We offer special overnight rates during selected periods: 2 adults, 1 dog, 2 showers, and 4 kWh of electricity, upon presentation of a valid ACSI discount card upon arrival. The price does not include environmental fees. The discount card is purchased along with the ACSI book and must be shown upon arrival.

For stays longer than 14 days, you only pay for 12 nights (does not apply to electricity, shower, and environmental fees).

Senior Citizens

As a member of Ældre Sagen, you get a 10% discount per night in both holiday cabins and your own caravan during selected periods. No discounts are generally offered on holidays and during the high season. Learn more on the Ældre Sagen website. The discount is obtained by showing the membership card in the Ældre Sagen app upon arrival or a receipt for paid membership.


Discount agreements cannot be combined. Seasonal spots can use discount agreements for overnight guests and cabin rentals, except on holidays, high season, and during the wine festival. Bookings must then be made at the reception.


All sites have 13A power outlets, and comfort sites have 16A.

Electric heaters can only be used with a connected electric meter. Charging of electric cars is only allowed at our charging stations.

For much of the year, electricity for tourists is settled at a fixed daily rate. During cold periods, electricity is settled according to the meter.

In holiday cabins, penthouse apartments, and Time Out tents, electricity is included in the price.

See additional information on the price lists here.


At Ribe Camping, you can charge your electric car at our two charging stations via the Monta app. Monta is an app without subscription fees.

Access to the charging stations is only for guests of the site.

Charging is at the current daily rate visible in the app.


We charge for hot water in the showers. Price: 8 DKK for 4 minutes of hot water. Payment is made using a gate/shower card provided at check-in. Hold the card briefly against the sensor in the shower to activate 4 minutes of hot water. Cold water is always available, and the 4 minutes cannot be paused.

In all service buildings, we also have family shower rooms, which charge an extra 5 DKK for entry. These rooms are larger, allowing the entire family to shower together. Showers also cost 8 DKK for 4 minutes of hot water here.

Laundry facilities with washing machines and dryers are available in service buildings C and E. The gate/shower card is also used for payment here.

Please note that there is a credit limit of 200 DKK per card; if exceeded, the card cannot be used as a payment method.


Wi-Fi is available on the site and costs 30 DKK per day – discounts available for longer stays.

You can purchase Wi-Fi by selecting the “Ribe Camping Wi-Fi Guest” network and then choosing how many days you wish to buy.

If you purchase Wi-Fi yourself, it can only be used on the device it was purchased on. If purchased at the reception, the code can be used on up to 4 devices.

Free hotspot is available in the reception and café during opening hours.


All pets are welcome at Ribe Camping, whether you are in your own caravan, TimeOut tents, or our holiday cabins. However, bringing pets must be mentioned when booking.

Learn more about good tips and rules for bringing pets HERE.


We offer a large outdoor grill in building F, which can be freely used with your own charcoal. You can also bring your own grill.

When staying in the campground’s holiday cabins, you can borrow a small gas grill, for which small gas canisters must be purchased. The gas grill must be returned cleaned to the reception. Ask at the reception.


Accessible Room with Toilet and Shower:

In all our service buildings, there are accessible rooms with toilets and showers. If you need access to these rooms, you must go to the reception. Showers in the accessible rooms cost DKK 8 for 4 minutes of hot water, similar to the other shower rooms.

Wheelchair Accessibility on the Premises:

There is level-free access throughout the premises, except for a doorstep at the service buildings.

The door to Service Building B has a width of 78 cm.

Wheelchair Accessibility in Cabins:

Door Measurements in Wadden Sea Cabins:

  • Entrance Door: 85 cm
  • 1 Room: 80 cm
  • Hallway to Bathroom: 70 cm
  • Bathroom: 70/67 cm (the door cannot be fully opened against the wall due to the door handle)

Door Measurements in Comfort Cabins with Spa:

  • Entrance Door: 70 cm
  • 1 Room: 60 cm
  • Bathroom: 60 cm

Door Measurements in Comfort Cabins with 3 Rooms:

  • Entrance Door: 70 cm
  • 1 Room: 60 cm
  • Bathroom: 60/57 cm (the door cannot be fully opened against the wall due to the door handle)

Note – There is a step up to the terrace of each cabin with the entrance door.


You can rent bed linen and towels for 100 DKK per set.
NOTE: Linen must be used in our holiday cabins! If using a sleeping bag, a sheet must be used.


We know that going on holiday with small children requires extra equipment, so you can rent high chairs, baby beds, stair gates, and baby quilts/pillows including linen from us. Price: 50 DKK per unit for the stay. Please let us know when booking or before arrival, so we have it ready for you.


Service Box for Camping:

Going on vacation can require a lot of equipment. If you are staying in a tent or renting one of our Mini Cabins, you can rent a Service Box from us. It contains the essentials for up to 4 people for cooking and dining. The price is DKK 50 per box for the stay. Please let us know when booking or before arrival, so we have it ready for you.

Contents: 4 x mugs, plates, knives, forks, tablespoons, teaspoons. Additionally, a pot, pan, bowls, cutting board, jug, scissors, bread knife, chef’s knife, paring knife, vegetable peeler, whisk, ladle, spatula, can opener, and corkscrew.


A defibrillator is located on the wall in the kitchen of service building E (in the center of the site – by the round grill hut).


Ribe Camping is open and follows all guidelines from the health authorities regarding the coronavirus.

Our guests come in their own caravans, motorhomes, tents, or rent a cabin from us. As a guest with your own living space/cabin, you can control your immediate environment and feel as safe at a campground as at home. You have your own limited space with plenty of air around you.

Currently, there is no longer a requirement to wear face masks in public spaces.

We ask that our staff be given space to clean the service buildings – just so that we can both take care of ourselves and each other.

We comply with all rules and do more than the authorities require, but we also do our part to keep things running to the extent that it is justifiable – mainly for seasonal spots who want to go out in their caravans. If you are unsure or at risk, you should naturally take your own precautions and considerations.

If you have recently been in contact with an infected person, are infected yourself, or feel sick, we expect that you will not check in at the site or stay here.

We expect that you will help us avoid infection by complying with the guidelines issued by the health authorities.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage everyone to take good care of themselves and each other.

For questions, please contact us at info@ribecamping.dk.