At the reception, we can guide you to bike tours around Ribe and the area around us.

Rent your own electric bike!

At Ribe Camping it is possible to rent 2 electric bikes.
Description of the electric bikes – Gazelle Paris
  • Range up to 90 km
  • Bosch center motor
  • Max speed of 25 km/h
  • Frame size 53 cm.
  • 7-speed manual rotary gearbox
  • Aluminum frame
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Weight 22 kg
  • Diode front and rear light on battery power
1 day – DKK 200
2 days – DKK 390
3 days – DKK 580
4 days – DKK 770
5 days – DKK 1150
7 days – DKK 1340
Charger – deposit DKK 500, refunded at the end of the rental period
Lost key DKK 150
Terms and Conditions:
Collection and delivery
The bicycle is collected at the marked places opposite the reception.
Delivery from 9 and during reception opening hours.
The bicycle is returned at the marked places opposite the reception.
Must be returned not later than 21 on the day of delivery, where the battery and key are also returned. If it is outside the reception’s opening hours, it must be arranged with the reception. In case of late delivery, DKK 1,000 per delivery will be charged a day.
Rental conditions
The lease is only deemed to have been fulfilled when the full rental amount has been paid. Any complaint about the rented property must be made to the lessor immediately after delivery. If the bike turns out to be defective, which can be attributed to Ribe Camping, the bike will be exchanged, repaired free of charge or the rental returned. The tenant is liable for any damage or deterioration that occurs to the rented property during the rental period, and must cover the lessor’s losses on demand. If the bike is not returned, it is the hirer’s full responsibility to replace the bike. If the rented property is misused or vandalized, the tenant is liable for the repairs. It is the lessee’s responsibility to minimize the extent of damage in the event of any faults on the rented property.
The leased property is leased at the lessee’s responsibility and insurance. In the event of personal or property damage, no claim can be made against the lessor, as it is the lessee’s insurance, if any, that must cover it. The lessor is not responsible for consequential damages as a result of faults with the leased item (product liability) and any liability can only be calculated and maximized for the direct damages.
The bikes must always be locked when it is left.

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